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At Hall Place Vet Centre we offer X-rays, orthopaedics, puppy parties and more


At Hall Place Vet Centre we offer X-rays, orthopaedics, puppy parties and more

  • Consultations
  • Critical Intensive Care
  • Home Visits
  • Hospitalisation
  • Nurse Clinics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Puppy Parties
  • Ordering Repeat Prescriptions
  • Ordering Food
  • Out of Hours


We recommend, where possible, requesting to see the same veterinary surgeon on each visit. This is particularly important when dealing with an ongoing condition and it encourages development of a good relationship between the veterinary surgeon, client and patient. Of course we appreciate how stressful it can be when your pet is unwell, but if possible giving as much information to the vet at the time of consultation is always useful.

The following is a guide:

  • What is the main problem with your pet?
  • When did you first notice this?
  • Has the problem worsened with time?
  • Has the pet had any similar previous problems?
  • Has your pet’s appetite, thirst, urination and stools changed?
  • Has your pet’s routine, diet and temperament changed recently?
  • Are your pet’s vaccinations up to date?
  • Has your pet had any recent flea or worm treatments?
  • Have you treated your pet with anything for the problem?
  • Is your pet on medication for any other condition?

Critical Intensive Care

The kennels enable hospitalisation and veterinary surgeon/veterinary nurse monitoring of extremely ill animals in a critical condition and those requiring intensive care.

  • Intravenous fluid therapy.
  • Support feeding by nasopharyngeal or even pharyngostomy/oesophagostomy feeding.
  • Individual, tailored feeding diets and regimes.
  • Facilities for round the clock care and monitoring.
  • Separate facilities for dogs and cats.

Home Visits

We will always try and accommodate such a request, especially when a patient has reached the end and that final difficult decision for euthanasia has been made.

If possible please try and give us plenty of notice when requesting a home visit.

Generally, if you contact us before 10.00 am, we will try and make the visit that same day.


Should your pet require hospitalisation for medical or surgical treatment, this is undertaken at our hospital facilities at Pinkneys Green. We offer comprehensive veterinary surgical and medical facilities as follows:

Surgical Facilities

Our surgical facilities at Maidenhead include two purpose built operating theatres and a surgical preparation room, with a separate radiography suite and darkroom. These facilities were designed to offer the highest standards of sterility for surgical procedures.


In house laboratory facilities offering full biochemistry/haematology/urinalysis work up, with results available on the same day. Immediate results are essential in critical care and in emergencies. Where concerns exist regarding elderly or infirm animals, pre-anaesthetic blood tests can be performed to assess health status prior to general anaesthetic.

Microscopy, for examination of skin parasites, urine crystals etc. may also be done on site.
We also have access to a wide range of external laboratories for histopathology, cytology and more specialised diagnostics where necessary.

Diagnostic Imaging

We are one of the few Veterinary practices in the UK offering the DR digital radiography system. This comprises a fixed plate X-ray detector.

This is different to the digital CR system which requires the detector plate to be physically moved to a reader, rather like the old chemical film system.

This is genuine state of the art technology and exceeds the standards in a large number of human hospitals.

The system offers image quality of outstanding quality and picture acquisition only 3 seconds after exposure.

This is of obvious benefit when taking any series of films, but allows almost real time results when undertaking procedures such as myelography.

Ultrasound Imaging

We have three ultrasound scanners allowing us to examine a range of animals and conditions:

  • Examination of growths or fluid accumulation in the chest.
  • Examination of structures in the abdomen.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis.
  • Tendon and joint examinations in horses.
  • Fertility examinations in cattle and horses.


We can undertake ECG of your pet where there is any suspicion of heart or circulatory disease:

  • ECG monitoring of road traffic accident cases.
  • ECG monitoring of anaesthetic animals at risk.


Our purpose built kennels are fully heated with further provision for additional in-kennel heating where required.

They provide safe, secure and comfortable accommodation for optimum recovery of your pet from surgery and for sick animals requiring specialised care away from home.

We have separate kennel and cattery accommodation for dogs, and for cats reducing the stress factors and helping to make their stay more comfortable.

Unstable patients will be transferred to MiNightVets.

Nurse Clinics

Our qualified veterinary nurses, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, run our nurse clinics. The clinics are available by appointment at three of our surgeries and are completely free to our clients. If you would like to take advantage of this we would be very happy to hear from you. Please telephone the respective surgery to make a mutually convenient time to see the nurse.

At present we can offer the following:

Junior Health Check

Available for pets 6-8 months of age, includes a health check and the opportunity to chat to our nurses to ask questions or receive advice on any problems you may be experiencing with your adolescent pet.

Dental clinics

Available for pets that have recently received dental treatment. Your pet’s teeth will be checked and advice on dental care given.

Club 8 Plus

Available for pets over 8 years of age, vital for the early detection of medical conditions in the older pet. Includes a health check and the opportunity to discuss and receive advice regarding any aspect of your pet’s health/behaviour.

Puppy and kitten clinics

Available for young pets (under 6 months of age), includes a health check and the opportunity to chat to our nurses asking questions or receiving advice on any problems you may be experiencing with your young pet.

Weight clinics

Available for all pets, generally as a referral from a vet giving you the opportunity to discuss diet/exercise in more detail and to ask questions relevant to your pet’s weight. Your pet’s weight will be recorded, a diet regime suggested and a follow up appointment made.


Stuart Butler Bsc. BVSc. PhD. CertSAO. MRCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in SA Orthopaedics

Stuart Butler qualified in 1985 from Bristol University and, after a brief spell in general practice, returned to University to study for a PhD in orthopaedics, specialising in fracture repair. He went on to gain a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons qualification in Small Animal Orthopaedics, and has been specialising in orthopaedics since 1995, and is now a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognised Advanced Practitioner in SA Orthopaedics.

This allows Hall Place Veterinary Centre to offer the very latest in expertise and equipment to deal with all bone, joint or muscle diseases, from simple lameness cases through to complex fractures or spinal injuries.

Because of this expertise we run a busy referral service dealing with the more complicated and serious orthopaedic or spinal cases from other veterinary practices, both local and not so local.

  • If you are being referred to Hall Place Veterinary Centre with an orthopaedic case you will automatically have an appointment with Stuart.
  • If you are a client of Hall Place Veterinary Centre, and wish specifically to see Stuart, please contact reception. Please note all our vets will refer internally to Stuart, should this be necessary.
  • If you are a client from another practice and wish to see Stuart, please contact your practice to arrange a referral.
  • If you are a referring veterinary surgeon please telephone 01628 622086 to discuss a case or arrange a referral, or click the link for more details. Please note we offer a free verbal radiograph reporting service (usually same day) and free advice on the management of your cases.

We offer a comprehensive range of orthopaedic and spinal treatment.
Find here out more about orthopaedics services.

Puppy Parties

The party will be taken by a puppy trainer who is also a behaviour counsellor.  You may ask any questions or seek advice on all aspects of puppy behaviour, including topics such as house training, socialising, mouthing and general care.

Your puppy will have the opportunity to meet other young pups in a veterinary environment during its most sensitive socialisation period.  This will help prevent any fearful behaviour from developing.

We ask that all puppies have had their first vaccination, but are aged 12 weeks or less on the day of the party.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

Legislation regarding the prescription of drugs has been tightened and now dictates that animals have to be under direct veterinary supervision before medication can be given. This means repeat prescriptions can no longer be handed out without seeing your pet first. Repeat examination of your animal is a good idea as it allows us to monitor progress and ensure current medication is appropriate, and that no complications are developing, and also ensures we all adhere to the letter of the law. In general, we will issue repeat prescriptions for animals we have examined within the last four months, but thereafter insist we see you first.

Written Prescriptions

You may obtain POM-V medications from the practice or, when appropriate, request a written prescription. A written prescription enables the prescription to be obtained from another veterinary surgeon or from a pharmacy, but this may not always be appropriate if your horse needs immediate treatment.

It is your responsibility to ensure the pharmacy is correctly licensed and professional. This is especially important when using “online” pharmacies to ensure the medicines are not fraudulent.

A fee will be charged for issuing a written prescription and for dispensing repeat prescriptions.

Full information on prescription and dispensing charges and on the cost of medicines is available on request.

Repeat Prescriptions

We request that these are ordered three to four working days in advance on our website, in person or by telephone directly to one of our team members on the usual number: 01628 622086.

Ordering Food

Good nutrition is the foundation for growth and a healthy life, which is why we believe in supplying good quality pet food. We supply Royal Canin for dogs and cats which comes in wet and dry form. These foods offer a complete diet for your pets. 

Prescription diets may be recommended by your vet. These will provide optimum nutrition to aid in your pet’s recovery from surgery or illness. They may also specifically provide the optimum dietary requirements in managing long term chronic conditions such as renal (kidney) or cardiac (heart) conditions. They are designed to facilitate an increased life span and increased quality of life.

We can also supply any other pet food at competitive prices. All orders need to be ordered three to four working days in advance. They will then be available in our practice for collection.

All food is supplied at competitive prices and can be ordered three to four working days in advance over the telephone and then collected three to four working days after from any of our surgeries.

Out of Hours

Hall Place Veterinary Centre phone lines are open from 08.00 - 20.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.00 - 19.00 Friday, 8.00am until 3.00pm on Saturdays, and from 9.00am until 12.00pm on Sundays.

We know that your pet may become ill or suffer an accident at any time. To make sure you have access to high quality care at nights, weekends and bank holidays we have chosen to partner with MiNightVet.

By using MiNightVet to cover our Out of Hours Emergencies it enables our vets and nurses to get a good night's rest so we can continue to provide the high quality of care during the day that we pride ourselves on.

If you call us first we will either be there to answer your call or will have an answerphone message with MiNightVet details for you.

MiNightVet can give you advice over the phone and arrange immediate appointments to see you if required.

Please be aware that because of the nature of Out of Hour Emergencies, a night time or weekend appointment will be more expensive than seeing a vet during the usual hours.

The vet will discuss this with you at the time of the appointment and before commencing any treatment.