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Soft Tissue Surgery

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Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) Grading and Surgery

BOAS relates to a number of anatomical abnormalities seen in dogs that have a shortened nose and skull (eg Pugs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs etc). Whilst the bones that make up the skull and jaw are often shorter in these dogs, the tissues that fit into the skull are often not and therefore are compressed into a smaller space. This can lead to issues getting air into the upper airways more difficult.

Primary Problems 

  • Narrowing of the nostrils,
  • overlong soft palate,
  • excessive tissues at the back of the throat,
  • excessive tissues in the nasal cavity,
  • a narrow windpipe

Signs associated

  • Difficulty exercising especially in hot weather
  • Very noisy breathing at excitement or exercise
  • Marked snoring
  • Vomiting or regurgitation
  • Collapsing episodes
  • In worst case scenarios the tongue/gums may become a bluish colour and there can be a short loss of consciousness

Adam is happy to see Brachycephalic Dogs to discuss if there are any issues with regards to their breathing or exercise. Exercise test grading can be used to establish how affected your dog is and then whether surgery is indicated to help improve their signs.

Your appointment will include – A 20 minute consultation to discuss any signs your dog may be exhibiting and a full clinical examination. An exercise test and grade. Discussion about whether surgery is indicated, and what this may involve.

golden pup in clinic

Oncological Work Up And Surgery

Your appointment will include – A 40 minute consultation to examine your pet, discuss the treatment options (including surgery), prognosis and possible outcomes, and any further staging to assess cancer spread if required.


What cases will we see


  • Lymphoma
  • Soft tissue Sarcomas
  • Mast Cell Tumours
  • Mammary Carcinomas

Cardiology Service – Olga GPCert(Cardio) MRCVS

Cardiac Investigations – For pets where a heart murmur has been detected but they are otherwise well in themselves or if showing signs of heart disease.

This includes

  • consultation
  • physical examination
  • thoracic xrays if indicated
  • Echocardiography (heart scan)
  • discussion about diagnosis and monitoring/treatment options required

Conditions that Olga will see

  • Mitral valve disease 
  • HCM 
  • DCM 
  • Cardiac Arrythmias 
  • Heart screening 
  • Diagnosis and management of acute and chronic congestive heart failure