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Pinkneys Green

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The main centre of the practice is housed in a magnificent barn conversion at Lee Farm.  The rebuilding of this barn in 2009 was specially designed by us, allowing us to effectively construct a purpose-built veterinary hospital.  

Surgical Facilities

These facilities were designed to offer the highest standards of sterility for surgical procedures.  Facilities include:

  • Two purpose built operating theatres and surgical preparation room, with piped gas, air conditioning and extraction.
  • Separate diagnostic imaging suite, including state of the art digital Xray technology, Doppler ultrasonography and endoscopy.
  • Separate dental area to minimise contact with sterile procedures.  


We are uniquely equipped with DR digital radiography, state of the art technology which exceeds the standards in a large number of human hospitals.  This provides almost instantaneous images of outstanding quality.

This allows us to offer routine radiography (ie chest or abdominal X rays), BVA/KC hip and elbow scoring, as well as providing high quality images for orthopaedic investigations. We can also undertake contrast radiography of the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary tract and the spinal column.


We have a high quality ultrasound scanner with Doppler which provides non-invasive soft tissue investigation. This includes cardiology imaging, imaging and investigation of growths and abdominal, thoracic and other body structures as well as enabling guided biopsy sampling and investigation of fluid accumulation.

It is also invaluable in pregnancy diagnosis.


We can offer endoscopic imaging whereby a fine scope can be passed down into an animal’s stomach or down airways to give visual images of the surfaces of structures. It can also be used to take biopsy samples or to look for foreign bodies either swallowed or inhaled.


In house laboratory facilities offer full biochemistry, haematology, and urinalysis work up, with results available on the same day.

  • In house facilities are a major advantage as immediate results are essential in critical care and in emergencies.
  • This also allows us to offer pre-anaesthetic blood tests, to assess health status prior to general anaesthetic, where concerns exist regarding elderly or infirm animals.
  • Microscopy, for examination of skin parasites, urine crystals etc. may also be done on site.
  • We also have access to a wide range of external laboratories offering  histopathology, cytology, serology and more specialised diagnostics where necessary.


We can undertake an ECG of your pet where there is any suspicion of heart or circulatory disease for monitoring of road traffic accident case and for anaesthetic animals at risk.


We have separate kennel and cattery accommodation for dogs and for cats, reducing any stress factors, and helping to make their stay more comfortable

Our purpose built kennels and cattery are both fully climate controlled with further provision for additional in-cage heating where required. They provide safe, secure and comfortable accommodation for optimum recovery of your pet from surgery and for sick animals requiring specialised care away from home.

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