Investigation of Joint Disease

Investigation of joint disease always requires extremely thorough clinical examination. Often this will provide enough information to be fairly sure of a diagnosis, or at least pin point which joint or joints are involved.

High quality radiographs are usually the next stage of investigation. Here at Hall Place Veterinary Centre we have state of the art Digital X ray Facilities allowing us to produce outstanding images.

X ray images can also be augmented using contrast techniques where special dye is put into a joint to outline the joint capsule and other structures near the joint.

Arthrocentesis is a technique where a needle is placed in a joint to obtain a sample of joint fluid for analysis. Examination of joint fluid can give information about different types of inflammation or infection within the joint.

We also have the ability to look directly inside joints using miniature cameras with fibre optic lenses only millimetres thick. This technique known as arthroscopy gives use direct visualisation of what is happening within a joint, without causing damage. We can even peform certain operative procedures within joints using this technique.