Ordering Drugs

Legislation regarding the prescription of drugs has been tightened and now dictates that animals have to be under direct veterinary supervision before medication can be given. This means repeat prescriptions can no longer be handed out without seeing your pet first. Repeat examination of your animal is a good idea as it allows us to monitor progress and ensure current medication is appropriate, and that no complications are developing, and also ensures we all adhere to the letter of the law. In general, we will issue repeat prescriptions for animals we have examined within the last three months, but thereafter insist we see you first.

A written prescription can be provided, on request, for medications prescribed for your pet. We will make a small charge as a veterinary surgeon will be required to check clinical notes and prescription details.

Repeat prescriptions

We request that these are ordered two to three working days in advance in person or by telephone directly to one of our team members on the usual number: 01628 622086.