Top Tips For Dieting Cats

  • Always weigh your pet’s food to ensure you are feeding the recommended amount.
  • Expect your pet to lose no more than 1-2% bodyweight each week.
  • At the start of the new regime taking a ‘before’ photograph can be a very useful marker to monitor and encourage progress.
  • Table scraps, snacks or treat biscuits should be avoided: these are usually very high in fat. Use a few dry biscuits from the daily food allocation if you really need to use titbits.
  • Ensure the whole family are behind you and understand why your cat needs to lose weight.
  • Encourage your cat to play. Even 5 minutes exercise per day can dramatically help a weight loss program.
  • Hide pieces of food in pieces of paper to encourage hunting instincts.
  • Do not give into begging. Lots of cats beg to get attention, as feeding time is when they get the most fuss, play with your cat and give a cuddle or groom instead.
  • Cats have been found to comfort feed when they are not happy. Discuss this with a nurse to try and establish if there is a problem.
  • Always stay positive.

Should you wish to discuss any of these issues in more detail, please consult your veterinary surgeon or nurse.