The Use Of Superlorin In Your Pet

  • Superlorin is an implant for the induction of temporary infertility in healthy, entire, sexually mature male dogs.
  • Infertility is achieved from six weeks after implantation up to, at least, six months after treatment.
  • Should a treated dog mate with a fertile bitch in the first six weeks, or six months after implantation, appropriate measures should be taken to rule out pregnancy.
  • It is feasible testosterone levels will not return to normal for 12 to 18 months after implantation, and possibly in rare cases even longer.
  • Some swelling may be seen at the implantation site for two weeks or occasionally longer.
  • A significant decrease in testicle size will occur during treatment.
  • To ensure maintenance of efficacy repeat every six months.

Should you wish to discuss any of these issues in more details please consult your veterinary surgeon.