Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Veterinary medicine has advanced in recent years and become increasingly sophisticated. We are able to diagnose and treat many conditions that a few years ago would have been untreatable or could have remained undetected with often fatal consequences. The down side of these advances is cost, as treatment can be expensive.

That’s where pet insurance comes in. It can allow you to budget monthly. It also means you can concentrate on what is best for your pet rather than worrying about the cost of veterinary bills.

When choosing a policy please read the small print carefully. The best policy is not necessarily the cheapest. Consider the type or cover best suited to you and your pet. Third party liability for dogs is increasingly important in case of legal action.


As a practice this is the type of cover we recommend. It does exactly what is says, covers for life. Depending on the level of cover chosen, e.g. £6,500, your pet will be covered for £6,500 per year. Providing you renew, each year the pot will re-fill to £6,500 & your pet will be covered for his/her lifetime without any exclusions*.


These policies offer a different type of cover compared to the above. They provide a fixed maximum benefit for each condition. For example, ****** pays out £6500 for each illness over your pet’s lifetime. The downside of these policies is that some conditions can be very costly and affect your pet for many years (such as diabetes or skin disease). In these cases, if the maximum benefit is reached, the ongoing costs fall to the owner to pay.


These only provide limited long-term cover. A condition is only covered for a maximum of 12 months from the first symptom, not just from the first claim. Any fees occurring after the 12 month period will be declined by the insurance company. It is possible, therefore, to be excluded from claiming for a condition without ever submitting a claim or even having any treatment.

What won’t be covered? Like your household or car insurance, pet insurance also has an excess which you will have to pay on a claim. Vaccinations and routine treatments such as worming are also excluded. Other preventative treatments such as dental care may also be excluded.


We are recommending Agria Pet Insurance as our preferred provider.

They only offer Lifetime Cover.

They also offer options of excess and cover to suit your needs.


If you are bringing a puppy or kitten up to 18 months of age in for its vaccinations or a vet health check and it is the first time we have seen your puppy or kitten, we will give you 5 weeks free insurance from Agria. If you decide to take out a full policy, Agria will give you the first 2 months at half price.

Please be aware that most policies will have an exclusion period at the start where illness is not covered. Depending on the pet insurance policy, this period is usually between 14 days and 30 days.

Agria’s illness exclusion is just 10 days – however there is no exclusion period for illness on the 5 weeks free insurance & if you take out a full Agria policy before the 5 weeks ends, there will be no 10 day exclusion period for illness on the full policy either (which will start at the end of the free cover).

*PLEASE NOTE: If your animal has a pre-existing condition prior to taking our your insurance then your insurance company will not cover this. If you decide you are unhappy with your policy & decide to cancel, but a condition has shown symptoms or been diagnosed, (even if not yet claimed for ) it is still pre-existing & you will not get cover from another insurer for this condition.

Like the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) this practice endorses the concept of pet insurance and we thoroughly recommend it to our clients. Our only interest is to ensure that we never have to compromise the quality of veterinary care on the basis of cost. You may wish to visit which provides further information on this subject.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a member of the Practice Team.

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