Euthanasia of Your Pet

The decision to euthanase a pet is never an easy one, but is often the final kindness we can offer a pet which is suffering, or losing all quality of life.

The act of euthanasia involves an intravenous injection of a high strength barbiturate drug. For the pet it is the same as having an anaesthetic, but one from which it will not wake up.

The vet will clip an area of hair generally over a front leg of your pet. A nurse will assist by holding your pet and keeping your pet calm while keeping the leg still for injection.

If you wish you may stay with your pet throughout the procedure: by stroking their head and talking to them they will know you are with them. We aim to ensure your pet is calm and feels no discomfort.

Once your pet is deceased we treat their bodies with respect. In the main they are cremated together, on our behalf, by a very reputable compassionate company called Lime Kiln Farm Crematorium based in Gloucestershire.

You may decide that you would like to take your pet home for burial. This is quite acceptable, but a large deep hole will, however, be advised which is not always a practical proposition.

We may, through Lime Kiln Farm, arrange individual cremation of your pet and subsequent return of your pet’s ashes in a small wooden casket. These may then be buried or scattered as you wish.

It may take up to two weeks for return of your pet’s ashes in these circumstances.

It is never an easy time for you as an owner losing a treasured pet. Any of our vets or nurses would be happy to discuss any issues with you at any time. Be assured that our aim is to treat your pet with respect at all times and to make the situation as calm and pleasant as is feasible.

In the days and weeks afterwards there may be a marked sense of loss in the family. Please remember you can always talk with us at this time. You may also wish to contact the Pet Bereavement Support Line on 0800 096 6606.