You may not want to know this, but the main source of fleas is the eggs in your house which may lay dormant for substantial periods of time. This is why regular flea treatment is essential to prevent the build up of flea eggs in your house. Regular use of products to prevent flea eggs hatching will also help.

There are two main ways of dealing with fleas. We advise the use of products we feel to be most effective and environmentally friendly and safe for your pets.

The easiest is to use one of the topical flea killer products. These are usually applied as “spot on” preparations applied to the back of the neck. These are extremely safe and effective at dealing with a current flea infestation, and will control fleas if used regularly. We use one which not only kills the fleas, but will specifically also inhibit eggs and larvae.

The use of an environmental spray on your carpets, skirting boards and pets’ bedding will also reduce flea eggs and larvae numbers.